Smoking and Pregnancy Quiz
Do you know the health risks of smoking? Avoiding them can help you have a healthy pregnancy and baby.
Tips for Traveling Moms-to-Be
Today’s society is increasingly mobile, and the demands of career and family often require travel during a woman’s pregnancy. Here are some tips and guidance for safe travels while you’re pregnant.
A healthy, well-balanced diet during pregnancy is important to nourish your unborn baby and keep you healthy too.
Exercise and Work
Many women are able to continue exercising during their pregnancy, and most women work through their pregnancy without complications.
Relationships, Sex, and Intimacy
The best way to be a good parent to your child is to nurture fun, friendship, teamwork, and intimacy in your own relationship.
Safety for You and Your Baby
For a healthy baby, make wise lifestyle choices during pregnancy: No smoking and no alcohol are two of the most important.