Infant Immunization Quiz
A pregnant woman passes antibodies to her unborn baby through the placenta to protect against certain diseases. How long does this natural immunity last?
Preparing for Your Baby
As your due date approaches, check off these tasks: Find a pediatrician, prepare the nursery, and "baby-proof" your home.
Baby's Care in the Hospital
In the minutes and hours after birth, your baby will be weighed, measured, and otherwise examined to assess his or her health.
Your Amazing Newborn
Congratulations! Your new baby is unique and wonderful. Here's a look at some common patterns and behaviors.
Baby's Care at Home
The first few days at home may seem overwhelming—with diapers, feedings, and baths—but you'll develop confidence within a short while.
Keeping Your Baby Safe
Using car safety seats, learning how to deal with airway emergencies, preventing injury and illness are essential tools for new parents.
When to Call the Doctor
What if your newborn has a fever? What should you do about colic? Here is information to help you know what's serious and what's not.