Before Surgery
Explain to your child why he or she needs the procedure and what he or she can expect to feel, see, and hear. Be honest with your child about what may hurt and what will not hurt.
Preoperative Management
Before elective surgery, the surgeon will review medical tests already performed, your child's medical history, and the medications your child is currently taking.
Preparing a Child for Surgery
Common fears for a school-aged child facing surgery include being away from friends, feeling pain, seeing needles, and believing that he or she is being punished.
Surgery and Intraoperative Care
On the day of surgery, a child life specialist at the hospital will see your child to help prepare him or her for what to expect and to answer any questions your child may have.
Types of Surgery
Here's a closer look at some types of surgery in children, from tonsillectomy to treatment for inguinal hernia.
Post-operative Care
The length of time spent in recovery depends on the type of surgery performed, your child's response to surgery and anesthesia, and your child's medical condition.